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About Upstate Pizza

We gonna make you a pizza you can’t refuse 

Upstate Pizza - Real New York - Italian Style Pizza and Calzones in Charlotte North Carolina.

Italian Style Pizza in Charlotte North Carolina

Once Upon a Time it was the Best Italian Style Pizza Pizzeria in Charlotte North Carolina

Now the interesting part: Creating delicious dishes was always my passion.

My family and all of my friends always looked forward to having dinner at my place and trying something new.

For years, they encouraged me to open my own restaurant.

So finally, after a long year and thousands of unsuccessful job applications, I gave in.

My father, liked the idea of opening a small restaurant and after many years of snow shoveling he came to a decision to move to the sunny Charlotte and get in on the family business.

Italian Style Pizza and Calzones in Charlotte North Carolina.

Upstate Pizza – Italian Style Pizza in Charlotte NC

During my school and college years I worked in small pizza shops.
I loved the atmosphere and over the years became good friends with my bosses. In return they taught me numerous things that help me today.

I learned that the success of a small restaurant depends not only on food, but also on service.
In a short time that the Upstate Pizza has been open we realized that there is an enormous amount of people from upstate, NY in Charlotte, who gave us a pleasant feedback about our food and especially our pizza.
Our menu mostly includes dishes from Italian cuisine, but we have items from traditional American kitchen.

In conclusion, we just wanted to thank our customers for giving us a chance, and welcome new customers to try my cooking.

Stop by, chat with us, and “let us make you a pizza you can’t refuse“.

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